Each day, millions of tourists around the world find themselves in a new city, and ask themselves the same three basic questions: “Where should I go?”, “What should I do?”, and “How should I get there?” Well, now instead of spending hours staring at books and screens, ordinary tourists can instantly transform into extraordinary travelers thanks to the innovative new no-cost app: izi.TRAVEL Audio Guide. 

It’s widely held that fluffy kittens are among the cutest creatures on Earth. And it’s also common knowledge that aliens aren’t friendly and fun, but rather, they’re scary, soulless entities who perform unspeakably sinister experiments on the unfortunate life forms they capture. Well, if you add those to things up and turn it into what could be the most addictive game of 2015, you’ll have something exactly like Kaspi Kitten.

Navmii, the best free navigation app on earth, has been redesigned to offer a host of new features. Navmii users can now log every single mile they drive, recording the lengths of journeys, driving duration and average speed. Navmii allocates a driver score that rewards good driving with an improved ranking, enabling Navmii drivers to compete for a coveted place on the best driver leaderboard.

Callcorder Pro, the top-most rated call recording application from Perception System for iOS and Windows Phone users, makes recording of regular incoming and outgoing calls a lot easier while on the go. The app has now been updated to offer cheap International calls to mobiles & landlines. 


media access GmbH announced today that the latest version of its must-have child tracking app Synagram has been updated with improved location functionality, especially inside buildings. There is no-cost to download the app, and parents can try it for seven days before deciding if they wish to purchase.

Move over LinkedIn!There’s a game changing new way for professionals across the world to easilyand efficiently connect anytime and anywhere, and take their careers andbusinesses to the next level: say hello to the new no-cost app Annecto fromAnnecto Inc. 

People across the UK who want a brilliantly fast, easy and reliable way to book a taxi from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, Android-enabled smartphone or Windows Phone, can now download the remarkable new no-cost app Taxicode from Web 3 Resource Ltd. 


Newly launched Life! app from B&G launches in the App Store for iPhone. Also, throughout April Life! is available for the promotional price of 0.89€ / $0.99 with all active content forever – from next month the services become on payment with monthly renewal.

Sweden-based MindApps announced today with unexpected swiftness that its groundbreaking The Mindfulness App has become the #1 top paid health app in 11 countries, including: Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the UK, Ireland, India, and Switzerland. Plus, the app is rapidly climbing the U.S. App Store charts.