GetDismissed, the first-ever App that enables California drivers to effortlessly fight traffic tickets, has debuted today. The free GetDismissed App is the first and only mobile application that helps drivers fight a traffic ticket by automatically preparing all of the documents necessary to submit a Trial by Written Declaration to the court. 

Thousands of years ago, people began checking their horoscope to foretell what the day ahead might have in store. Well, fast forward a few millennia, and development firm Analyst Ideas has put a unique modern twist on an ancient practice with its new no-cost app Horoscope Evaluator.


Boaters of all skill and experience levels — from those just beginning their nautical adventure, to seasoned veterans who’ve soared upon lakes, seas and oceans around the world — can now download the unique no-cost app Boatrax so they can enjoyably share their experiences with friends and family, easily keep detailed, organized logs just like the pros, and take their love of boating to new heights. 


The quantified-self movement takes it to the bedroom with Spreadsheets. Data. In Bed. The Spreadsheets app is a mobile application for iOS users, created to provide visual and statistical feedback of a couples’ sex life based on duration (time), movement (accelerometer) and audio (microphone) data.