With the demand for children’s apps that are not only fun, but also educational on the rise, 4Axis Solutions are happy to announce the release of “Angie’s Stories”. The innovative kids app features all free stories until end September 2015, as a special introductory bonus.


In response to King Ptolemy’s insistence that there must be a way to learn geometry without putting in effort and hard work, Euclid is reported to have said “there is no royal road to geometry”. Well, fast forward about 2300 years, and while there still is no royal road, there is indeed an innovative cyber highway to this stimulating branch of mathematics thanks to the brilliantly original new universal iOS app Euclidea from HORIS International Ltd (HIL).


Just over a month after launching myChuChu Coloring Book, the first companion app to their top ranked YouTube Channel ChuChu TV (over 1 million subscribers and over 1 billion views),ChuChuTV Studios has released a delightful new follow-up app that is sure to delight youngsters and parents alike: myChuChu Puzzle.

NetSupport announced today that it has released its much-anticipated Android app NetSupport School Tutor, which extends the company’s market-leading “NetSupport School” classroom management solution into dedicated tablet-based educational environments. 

Crazy Gears was conceived as a tribute to mathematician and educational technologist, Seymour Papert, in hopes of providing children with the inspiration to discover and understand the physical properties of mechanisms found in their everyday lives. As a young boy, Papert fell in love with gears. Their movement fascinated him in every way and inspired his career. 


Buddies Infotech Pvt Ltd., the creators of the immensely popular YouTube channel ChuChu TV that has garnered more than 850 million views and 875,000 subscriptions worldwide, announced today the launch of the channel’s first companion app: myChuChu Coloring Book – ChuChu TV Coloring Pages For Kids.


Created by Marbotic and featured on the App Store in more than 8 European countries, Up to 100 helps children learn numbers and discover the composition of numbers by completing challenges. Available now for iPad and Google tablets.


Students, teachers and math enthusiasts of all knowledge levels – from beginners to more advanced learners — who want an exciting, interesting and way to study plane geometry anytime and anywhere on their iPad, can now head to App Store and download the innovative new app GeoCon HD from developer Oleh Yudin.