CoachGuitar is the world’s most popular guitar learning app, and has earned more than 15,000 5-star reviews from users in over 140 countries. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently noted that app’s at the crossroads of creativity and technology are exactly what Apple is highlighting — CoachGuitar is one of them!


Designed for students at all learning levels — from those in grade school all the way through to graduate school — Math and Science Tutor delivers over 1,500 step-by-step, full-length lessons. In total, there are more than 500 hours of instruction that can be viewed instantly on-demand (no login required).


All N 1 is a next generation multi-functional scheduler that integrates customer tracking, employee tracking and promotions. Users can also track total earnings, and generate reports that can be emailed. The app is available at no cost for iOS and Android.


Available at no cost for iOS and Android and featuring several enhancements including improved user experience, Play and Learn LANGUAGES is a unique, innovative and fun flash card app that uses learning games to help anyone learn one or several new languages.


Mobo Greenhouse Garden is an innovative & unique farm game for iPhone and iPad that teaches children about looking after a natural garden. Players need to grow crops, protect them from moles, harvest, extract the weeds and find out what to do with magic beans.


Like all great “hero quest” games, Finleys Rescue is epic in scope, but easy to understand: game players must collect mouth-watering candies to rescue a kidnapped maiden and ensure that good triumphs over evil. The fun new game is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Developed by TBD Limited, “My Mechanic” provides motorists with day-or-night access to reliable and skilled mechanics in their area via an easy-to-use iPhone app. With no membership fees, users can browse by the required service and see up-front costs and real-time mechanic locations.

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Connexion — Connecting Singles remains among the best, simplest, smartest, safest and most rewarding dating apps available. The secret to the app’s success and popularity is a proprietary matching system that has been designed to help people spark connections that potentially lead to lasting and meaningful relationships vs. superficial hookups — or worse, regrettable encounters.


What makes [email protected] stand out from other QR code and barcode readers is its remarkable simplicity and ease-of-use. There is no cost to download the app, and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

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Wallswapp lets users subscribe to thematic wallpaper channels based on their preference and

mood, and have a new wallpaper to enjoy each day. They can also create their own channels,
and swap wallpaper with friends in real-time whenever they want.