Ovilex Soft’s massive nation state of more than 600,000 Facebook fans — along with over 100 million users around the world who have downloaded the company’s roster of stunningly realistic 3D driving simulator apps — can clear their calendar for hundreds of hours of fun, now that that the much-anticipated Truck Simulator USA has arrived.

Available at no cost for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play), Truck Simulator USA is a certainly a worthy addition to the Ovilex Soft family. As usual, the aspect that leaps out from the moment the app launches are the spectacular graphics. Whether they’re taking a sidelong view of a mammoth 18-wheeler or peering out from behind the windshield at the road ahead, users will be in awe at the level of detail. From the subtle halo around the illuminated headlights, to the greenish hue of a roadside cactus on a desert highway, to photographic-realism of the pavement and asphalt markings — and the list goes on – Truck Simulator USA is a master class in design. And still, that’s just the start.

The glory of all Ovilex Soft’s apps is always the gameplay and UX, and Truck Simulator USA exceeds expectations on both fronts. Users get to select and customize a wide range of trucks, and then hit the open road and haul their cargo – such as cars, gravel, food, fuel, and more — throughout USA, Canada or Mexico. There is night and day driving, various climate conditions and environments (such as sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, mountain, desert, and so on).

There are also multiple driving controls, including tilt steering, gears, handles, buttons, levers, headlights, and a virtual steering wheel that uses AI and physics to create an ultra-realistic driving experience. There’s also a manual transmission with H-shifter and clutch, lifelike engine sounds that roar and hum accordingly, and the possibility of incurring visual and mechanical damage just like a real professional American trucker.

Users can head out on a journey across the country or continent, join a convoy in the multiplayer mode, or see if they have the business acumen and driving skill to succeed in career mode. Users can also request new trucks via Ovilex Soft’s social pages.

“We had an incredibly positive response to Extreme Trucks Simulator, which we launched last year and has been downloaded millions of times around the world,” commented Marusac Alexandru of Ovilex Soft. “And now we’ve taken everything we know and added some cool new features and elements to create Truck Simulator USA. It was one of the most complex and challenging apps that we’ve ever developed, but the hard work was worth it because it’s so much fun. We’ve even heard from real professional truck drivers who love the app!”

Truck Simulator USA is available now for iOS devices from the App Store at, and for Android Devices from Google Play at

Addition app information, including a video trailer and screenshots, is available at:

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Ovilex Soft at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Ovilex Soft’s Stunningly Realistic New No-Cost App “Truck Simulator USA” Lets Users Get Behind the Wheel of an 18-Wheeler and Haul Cargo Across America

Truck Simulator USA

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