Individual and business users who are wisely concerned about online privacy — especially given the skyrocketing surge in hacker attacks — can now get the peace of mind they need with SenseMail: an extraordinarily secure, easy-to-use iOS app that safeguards communications.

Unlike conventional online privacy apps that only protect some data – and therefore leave gaping holes for hackers to exploit with alarming speed and ease — SenseMail is unique in that it locks down absolutely everything on a device – emails, address books, notes, gallery and so on — without exception.

As a result, each piece of a user’s communication ecosystem is constantly protected with a compress-encrypt-sign methodology that is widely considered as the most secure available:

> Data is GZip deflated (except for image attachments, which are already compressed).
> Data is encrypted with AES-256 and salted to thwart pseudo-random key fears.
> HMAC-SHA256 keyed-hash message authentication code is added to the data.
> Everything is converted to BASE64.

It’s also notable that SenseMail deliberately has no back-end servers, and as such it cannot store any passwords or access user data. In fact, the app’s commitment to security is so total and uncompromising, that SenseMail cannot help users recover lost passwords, and it doesn’t collect any analytics. The only servers that SenseMail ever connects with are those that users specify.

And that wasn’t enough, users who are obsessed with privacy and can’t understand why other people aren’t will appreciate SenseMail’s All-or-Nothing Transform (AONT) feature, which makes encryption stronger without changing key length, and as such makes a successful brute-force attack a virtual impossibility.

At the same time, SenseMail is versatile and easy-to-use. It’s compatible with almost all email service providers that allow TLS IMAP connections, supports OAuth 2.0 for Google Mail, works with multiple email accounts and folders (e.g. inbox, sent, starred, etc.), and can read and send unencrypted messages.

In addition, instead of forcing users to try and remember – but invariably forget – ultra-strong passwords complete with a dizzying sequence of letters, numbers and symbols, SenseMail has an innovative built-in tool that provides a pre-shared key. Once users exchange it with their recipient, they can easily safeguard their email with the strongest encryption available.

“In a perfect world, information would never leak and everyone would be safe when they communicate online with friends, colleagues, business partners, and so on,” commented a spokesperson from CreepyTwo Labs. “But we don’t live in a perfect world, and that means people have to take control of the privacy. Going completely offline isn’t an option, and neither is trying to remember 150-character passwords. SenseMail is the simple, yet incredibly powerful solution that people need to stay safe, and keep their private communications from falling into the wrong hands.”

SenseMail, the must-have new iOS privacy app that is extraordinarily secure, versatile and easy-to-use, is available now from the App Store at:

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Must-Have New iOS Privacy App “SenseMail” from CreepyTwo Labs is Extraordinarily Secure, Versatile & Easy-to-Use

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