Crush Studio are proud to announce the release of President Crush, allowing game players worldwide to to put their money where their mouth is on the Presidency of the United States of America.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, President Crush brings a hilarious take to the idea of the POTUS, and helps to provide a fast-paced introduction to an exciting game.

> Extremely addictive, pacy gameplay.
> Various game modes for increased replay value.
> Detailed graphical design and presentation, including hilarious sound effects!
> More than 300 Arcade Mode levels!
> Leadership boards to rank players as the best of all-time.
> Unique achievement list to unlock points.

Designed as the ultimate aim at the recent elections, President Crush goes a long way to adding a bit of humour to what has been a very serious month. With an addictive gameplay pace, players simply need to match up three or more Presidents in the same order, to trigger the Chain Reaction.

When this kicks in, the matched President is eliminated from the table. Using special abilities to get through each President faster, players can build up rapid combos and score major points as they move around the board, winning.

Designed to offer an addictive and exciting pace, the pace of gameplay here lends itself to an extremely easy run of plays. Players must fight against the clock to crush through as many POTUS candidates as possible, whilst dealing with different events each time – the speed that players crush at and the variety of Presidents caught will help to determine success.

Players of all age must tackle these stimulating little events and fight through each of the levels in both difficulty modes. Addictive gameplay challenges the gamer to complete challenges, take on different speeds and difficulties, and never give up. By Moving to the pace of the game players can engage with more than 300 levels, all offering different hurdles to overcome.

Just like a real Presidential race, this is a race to the bottom!

The graphical element was a major factor in the creation of President Crush, ensuring that as clear a likeness as possible is given to every POTUS who appears. With a faithful layer of detail included for each section along with an easy to work with interface, President Crush could not be any simpler to play.

President Crush is available now for free from the App Store at:

A dedicated version for Android devices is also available via Google Play at:

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Crush Studio’s “President Crush” Brings Light-Hearted Presidential Fun To Android & iOS.

President Crush

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