Bonafeyed introduces the Bonafeyed Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, a unique data security technology that enables users to manage the privacy and security of their digital content. Once installed, users can encrypt text information in nearly all iOS applications.

Offering privacy with a simple tap; sending an email about a marinade recipe will no longer result in being spammed with ads for a new BBQ. Similarly, hackers can no longer view SMS messages encrypted by Bonafeyed.

“Bonafeyed makes security super simple by working the way you already work with the applications you already know,” said Todd Carper, Founder and CEO of Bonafeyed. “With the Bonafeyed Keyboard, you can easily encrypt your data before sending an email or saving information to a cloud service.”

When using the app data is encrypted and decrypted directly on the device. Only encrypted data leaves the device and remains encrypted as it moves around the Internet and even when stored on remote servers, making it impossible for anyone to view the data without express permission from the user.

“Bonafeyed isn’t another ‘trust me’ product or service that simply asks you to believe that their company will store your data and keep it safer than the other guy. Bonafeyed secures your data on your device and Bonafeyed, the company, never touches your data,” commented Carper.

Bonafeyed Keyboard for iOS is available for free on the App Store at:

More information can be found at: https://www.bonafeyed.com

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Bonafeyed Releases Secure Encryption Keyboard for iOS

Bonafeyed Keyboard

About Bonafeyed, LLC

Bonafeyed makes privacy personal. Our super simple key management and patented steganography technology bring the ancient science of encoding hidden messages to the Internet age, empowering everyone to manage the privacy and security of their IoT, business, and personal data.

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