Fresh from EVL PPY, an indie-games development studio based in Romania, comes Tumble Jungle, a new match 3 game, now live on Google Play. The highly acclaimed chain match 3 adventure lets players of all ages explore the 3D jungle map and unlock its 100 match-three levels, win treasure chests filled with diamonds, puzzle pieces and other goodies, all in a surprisingly colorful and very lively environment.

The developers promote their new game as “one of the most surprising new match 3 games that you’ve ever seen”. Melanie Potter, managing director at EVL PPY, explained: “Tumble Jungle puts players in charge of collecting all the jungle animals and matching fruits to help them defend themselves from different enemies. They must use their skills and wits to overcome each challenge, using special boosters and strategically switching jungle friends during game-play to select the ones most appropriate for each level.”

Gameplay is simply to play, yet difficult to master: There are 5 different fruits on the playing board, each of a different color. For each fruit there are 4 total characters to be discovered and each one has a different special ability. From horizontal and vertical bombs, to radial and star shaped boosters, the in-game characters will prove their value depending on the level they are being used in. Characters are split into 5 main categories: monkeys and apes, ground creatures such as ant eaters and aardvarks, burrowers such as the cute beaver Peanut (the first in-game character), bears and, finally, birds.

Unlike most similar games from this genre, Tumble Jungle brings a more complex meta-game in which discovering new, more powerful character and upgrading their powers is the key to overcoming difficult levels. The game is also unique in the sense that it drops the classic formula of a life/energy-based system found in almost all new and old match 3 games on the market. Instead, Tumble Jungle comes with a timed treasure chest mechanic which is less conditional on the player’s progress or desire to play numerous levels consecutively. The developers of the game have put their time into a finely-tuned difficulty balancing for the game and the learning curve for the game mechanics is smooth, guiding new players through the first levels while keeping veteran casual games players challenged.

Tumble Jungle – Chain Match 3 is available now for Android devices via Google Play at:

The app is also available via Amazon at:

An update containing 50 more levels is scheduled for November 2016, in addition to the existing 100 levels.

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Tumble Jungle Match 3

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EVL PPY is an indie gaming company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with its activity focused on developing high-quality mobile games of a variety of categories, ranging from match 3 games to racing games.

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