The Bungee Girl app brings together girls who like to wander. A female-only app, Bungee Girl connects solo female travellers who have an equal interest in visiting each other’s city. Bungee Girl also allows users to find potential travel buddies from their own home city. Creating mutually beneficial connections between like-minded female travelers can encourage women to embrace their venturesome spirit.

For women who are plagued by wanderlust and often settle for cliché trips closer to their home, Bungee Girl is a tool to help gain the confidence to fulfill their travel desires. With an equal benefit, women can use the app to help each other out and enhance their trip experience. These connections can help users find: accommodations, a hangout buddy, advice on where to go and what to do, safety tips and other insider pointers.

To provide a comfort level and rid users of the annoyance of being hit on, the Bungee Girl app is exclusive for women only. Venturing off as a woman can be intimidating so the aim of Bungee Girl is to create a network and community of female travelers. To ensure there will always be connections to make, Bungee Girl is available for select cities with new cities being added based on demand.

Researched shows that sites that help travelers find accommodation or locals to crash with, aren’t made for women who are much more personable by nature and need to first find a connection with someone before feeling comfortable enough to go visit them. With the Bungee Girl app, women who enjoy solo travel no longer need to hesitant at the idea of venturing off alone.

Here’s how the app works:

1. Users can make an awesome profile that displays their best travel experiences and use a tool to discover their travel personality to be able to meet Bungee Girls with similar travel interests and habits.
2. Users can connect with locals abroad that have an equal interest in visiting their city. (or)
3. Find a travel buddy in their own home city. By discovering aspiring travelers in their own city who want to travel to the same locations, users may find a potential travel buddy.
4. Uses can find out who they connect with best and message with their new friends.

Bungee Girl, the great new way for female travellers to connect with locals and discover new destinations, is available now in the App Store at:

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Girls-Only Travel App “Bungee Girl” Launches For iPhone.

Bungee Girl

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