TV fans who enjoy connecting in real-time with other viewers from around the world as they collectively watch everything from the Oscars and Olympics, to their favorite soap opera or sports team, can now take their viewing experience to another level thanks to the unique new app Crowd Maestro.

Available at no cost, Crowd Maestro lets users join or host public or private online chat groups (a.k.a. “viewing parties”) about their favorite live TV broadcasts, including shows, movies, sports events, and anything else. It’s an ideal way to ensure that they never miss a moment of the real-time crowd-viewing fun and excitement.

In addition, users who record shows on their PVR, or subscribe to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, don’t have to worry about coming across spoilers – which is a major problem with social media. That’s because Crowd Maestro lets users stop or pause any chat group, and then join in the conversation when they’re caught up.

It’s also possible to play back chat groups at anytime on-demand. For example, a user may be in a different time zone while a special event or TV show is being broadcast. They can still watch it at their leisure, and use Crowd Maestro to read and leave messages as if it was all happening in real-time.

“Social media is full of spoilers, which ruins the experience for viewers who aren’t watching live, or who are in another time zone,” commented a spokesperson from Crowd Maestro Inc. “But with Crowd Maestro, users don’t have to worry about spoilers. Instead, they can connect with passionate viewers from around the world and have the fun, positive experience they want and deserve!”

Other Crowd Maestro special features include:

> Simple login via Facebook or Twitter
> The option to create private invitation-only chat groups for friends and family
> An easy search feature to help users find shows in multiple categories
> Personalized recommendations based on user preferences
> Notification alerts about upcoming shows
> Optionally skip commercials during playback
> A clean, streamlined and clutter-free interface

Crowd Maestro, the unique new app that lets users join or host online chat groups about their favorite live TV shows, movies or sports events – but without running into spoilers – is available now at no cost from the App Store at The app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Additional app details are available from

For all other app information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Crowd Maestro Inc. at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Unique New App “Crowd Maestro” Lets Users Join or Host Online Chat Group About their Favorite Live TV Shows, Movies or Sports Events – with No Spoilers

Crowd Maestro

About Crowd Maestro Inc.

Based in Ontario, Canada and founded in 2016, Crowd Maestro’s philosophy is to unite all media viewers, regardless of location and timezone, and allow them to use social media on their own terms.

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