There’s no doubt at all, for a significant number of people, the idea of using tech to stay very connected to what’s happening in the weather has vast appeal. That said, not much has changed in the last few years on how weather apps and other online resources deliver weather related information, leaving most feeling a bit boring and stale. Rising app development team Unit Radius are doing their best to shake up that dynamic, recently announcing the release of Weather VR, a remarkably accurate and versatile weather app, that presents the weather in an eye opening, exciting way using cutting edge virtual reality and 3D technology.

“Using 3D virtual reality technology, our app presents weather forecasts in an entertaining new way,” commented a spokesperson from Unit Radius. “Weather VR is also very feature rich, delivering a huge amount of function and value to its users beyond the ability to entertain. Check it out and see the big difference.”

According to Unit Radius, some highlights of the Weather VR features include: remarkably accurate weather forecasts; a powerful altimeter; 3D Compass, 3D Wind Vane and 3D Sun Tracker; and an amazing catalog of 3D weather effects. GPS can be used to get the current weather at the user’s location, with both same day and three day forecast options available.

Weather VR is available now for iOS devices from the App Store at:

Early feedback from users has been very positive.

Elaine M., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I was lucky enough to try out Weather VR before its official release and its absolutely huge fun, in addition to being very useful. The weather has a big influence on my job, so I appreciate the app greatly. Fully recommended, over boring ‘old school’ weather apps in every way.”

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Unit Radius Announces Release of Breakthrough App “Weather VR” That Uses VR/3D Tech to Deliver Weather Reports in an Exciting Way

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