When the framers of the US Constitution crafted the 4th Amendment (prohibiting unreasonable searches/seizures) and 5th Amendment (the right not to answer police questions while in custody/court), they obviously couldn’t have imagined that a few centuries later both of these inalienable rights would get trampled on during traffic stops and a variety of other law enforcement encounters. However, that is precisely what is happening across the nation on a daily basis, and it’s also why absolutely everyone – from students to seniors – should download the unique new app “Copwise”.

Developed by Zapporoo and currently available for iOS and Android devices, Copwise is a multi-functional app that includes an audio responsive system, an audio evidence recorder, and a document recovery tool for use during any kind of police questioning.

> Audio Response System

The audio response system features 10 pre-programmed responses that will literally speak to police officers on a user’s behalf if they’re too nervous or anxious to respond, or if they’re fearful that they may incriminate themselves by saying something seemingly innocuous, or agreeing to something that they are not legally obligated to accept (such as a sobriety test, answering further questions without their lawyer present, and so on).

> Audio Evidence Recorder

The audio evidence recorder automatically captures audio of the interaction (i.e. the audio starts when the app launches and stops when it’s closed). Users can share the audio with their attorney – which is often far more accurate than relying on memory – and they can also use the recording to hold police officers accountable if their recollection of events “veers away” from what was actually said and by whom. They can also upload the audio to social media to spread awareness.

> Document Recovery Tool

The clever document recovery tool lets users store digital copies of their driver’s license, registration, and insurance card in the event that they are requested by the police, but the original documents aren’t available. Using this feature is optional, and images can be deleted/replaced in a matter of seconds.

Other special Copwise features include:

> An excellent and easy-to-understand Resources section that offers tips on how to handle traffic stops and other law enforcement encounters.
> A setting that translates all text into Spanish, which is ideal for users who speak English as a second language.
> A clear, uncluttered interface that makes finding information or choosing responses easy and fast – which is important during law enforcement encounters, which are inherently stressful.

“There is nothing at all anti-police about Copwise, and it’s not designed just for people whose lifestyle may have them being questioned by the police more often,” commented Ron Medlin of Zapporoo. “Everyone needs to know what’s at stake, because the playing field is not level. The web is full of articles and blog posts from criminal defense lawyers who all point out that a vast number of cases are not won or lost at trial, but during police questioning. And a YouTube video featuring law school professor and former criminal defense attorney James Duane urging people never to talk to the police has over 6 million views and 65,000 likes. Clearly, this is a big concern, and Copwise is there to help when it’s needed most!”

Copwise, the unique new app that protects people against intrusive and potentially illegal police questioning, is available now from the App Store at:

An Android version is also available via Google Play at

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Unique New App “Copwise” by Zapporoo is an Essential Tool that Protects People Against Intrusive & Potentially Illegal Police Questioning


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