Endless runner game fans in search of a fun new experience worthy of their time and talents – and a few joyful all-night gaming sessions where “just a few minutes more” turns into “hey, have I been playing for the last 6 hours?” — can now head over to the App Store, and download the ultra addictive and challenging app Star Charge by Covalent Gaming LLC.

Available at no cost, Star Charge puts a unique twist on endless runner games: instead of racing through jungles or across highways and deserts, gamers find themselves blasted into outer space with a singular mission: rely on sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination to deftly avoid crashing into planets, meteors, black holes and ice comets, and ultimately stay alive for as long as possible. There is also a handy “dash” feature that lets gamers zoom out of trouble, and a “teleport” feature that whisks them to another part of the galaxy.

Along the way, gamers collect stars that they can cash in to purchase new and better ships, along with power-ups like teleports and a shield — which takes 20 seconds to recharge and can absorb a single hit. More power-ups and ships will be added in future updates, allowing users to progress even further and enhance the Star Charge challenge.

With addictive gameplay, the longer gamers play the more exciting & difficult scenarios they will encounter and the more power-ups they can earn.

And of course, no elite endless runner game – whether it unfolds on earth or in outer space – would be complete without great original music and sound effects, and Star Charge delivers on both. In fact, the music is so fun that gamers can expect to be humming it throughout the day (and yes, having it as the soundtrack for their dreams ala Tetris, Candy Crush and Angry Birds!).

Other Star Charge special features that set this release apart include:

> Leaderboard integration to compete against friends and other players around the world
> Colorful graphics with smooth animation
> Simple, intuitive buttons and gameplay controls

“The big problem with most endless runner games, is that they’re so predictable and repetitive, and within a few minutes people stop playing and wish they hadn’t wasted their time,” commented Andrew Przybylski, the founder of Covalent Gaming LLC. “But that’s where Star Charge is completely different. It’s a unique and fun mixture of timing, tactics and techniques, as gamers must avoid crashes while they collect stars. Star Charge is easy to play, and impossible to put down!”

Star Charge is available now at no-cost from the App Store at

A dedicated version for Android devices is also available via Google Play at:

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Covalent Gaming LLC at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Ultra Addictive, Challenging & Fun New “Star Charge” by Covalent Gaming LLC Blasts Endless Runner Games into Outer Space

Star Charge

About Covalent Gaming LLC

Based in Mountain View, California and established in 2015, Covalent Gaming is a group of longtime video game fans turned developers, co-founded by Cameron Robinson and lead by Andrew Przybylski. The company’s core mission is to teach others how to succeed, and develop talent in the video game industry by helping students and aspiring game developers launch successful careers.