Drivers around the world who have fallen in love with Geniusappstechnologies’ extraordinarily useful lost car finder app TrakCar – and people who have yet to download this must-have app to their device – can head to the App Store and download the latest version at no-cost.

TrakCar answers a question that millions of drivers around the world have nervously asked for decades after roaming across parking lots at the mall, airport, beach, or anywhere else: “where did I park my car?”

TrakCar solves this age-old riddle with a patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that automatically detects when a user shifts from driving to walking, and as such remembers the exact location of where their car is parked.

Remarkably, there are no buttons to press or physical devices to install in the car, and the app uses power-smart GPS technology so it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery. TrakCar does everything automatically and in the background, and never sends user data to Geniusappstechnologies’ servers or any other third party.

And now in the latest version (2.1.1), users can enjoy a range of impressive new features and functions, including:

Improvements to how the app detects parking events — such as when drivers have stopped their car to make a call or send a text, but haven’t parked
Enhanced interface readability with sharper, clearer fonts and better use of varying font sizes
Better overall graphics, including maps, icons and more

“Being unable to find a parked car is a very common phenomenon around the world, especially when people arrive in a parking lot when it’s barely filled, and return hours later when it’s jammed with thousands of cars,” commented Agnieszka Swirszcz of Geniusappstechnologies. “What’s more, wandering around a parking lot can be a health and safety risk, especially late at night or in certain areas of the city. TrakCar completely eliminates this problem once and for all!”

The latest version of TrakCar, the revolutionary app that automatically knows where a user’s car is even if they don’t, is available now at no-cost from the App Store at

TrakCar is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish and Swahili.

For additional information, including an online tutorial, visit

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Geniusappstechnologies at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Latest Version of Revolutionary, AI-Based Lost Car Finder “TrakCar” by Geniusappstechnologies Now Even More Accurate and Feature-Filled


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