People who want to spend an enormous amount of time having fun – whether they’re at home, work, the bus, or anywhere else they happen to be with their Android device – can now head to Google Play and download the insanely addictive and challenging new app TrapWorld.

Available at no cost and created by Cornerhouse Games, TrapWorld stars a unique-looking bird named “Boros” who has one essential mission in life: avoid various traps and make it through each level as quickly as possible, reaching all the way to level 30.

Along the way, gamers must navigate the energetic and courageous Boros through three different worlds: a green pine plains world (levels 1-10), a tunnel-filled underground world (levels 11-20), and a desert world (levels 21-30). Each has its own unique challenges, look, feel, and sound effects. The overall graphics quality is also excellent, and TrapWorld looks outstanding on all screen sizes from smartphones to tablets.

Gamers can also pause their game at anytime, mute/un-mute the sound, and try to beat their personal best score, which is automatically stored by the app. If they’re unhappy with their performance, users can also replay any level with a single tap.

What’s more, users can play online and compete against friends and others via the Leaderboard, or they can toggle offline mode and play for as long as they wish when a data or wi-fi connection is unavailable or unwanted.

Since its recent launch, TrapWorld has generated a perfect 5-star rating on Google Play, with impressed users commenting: “It’s like Flappybirds and Elastomania had a baby!”, “Great game! Very addictive!”, and “Brilliant masterpiece”.

“Based on the feedback we’ve been getting, what people love so much about TrapWorld is that it’s very easy to understand, but tough to master,” commented William Badcock of Cornerhouse Games. “It’s a refreshing change from so many other games that are boring and predictable. TrapWorld is fun, exciting, addictive, and people can play it anytime and anywhere!”

TrapWorld is available now at no cost from Google Play at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Cornerhouse Games at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Addictive, Challenging & Fun New “TrapWorld” by Cornerhouse Games Features 30 Levels, 3 Worlds, Online/Offline Mode & More


About Cornerhouse Games

Cornerhouse Games is on a mission to create truly inspiring and challenging mobile and PC games in a new and fun way. The company’s initial offering “TrapWorld” is an addictive adventure now available from Google Play.