The new “Alphabet First Writer Tracing” app teaches children how to write cursive and uppercase letters, in a fun and effective way. The benefits of this new educational game app go beyond writing, because learning to write in cursive stimulates the brain like nothing else.

Conceived and designed by parents for their children to help them learn the letters of alphabet, with assistance from teachers of pre-k and primary schools, with the aim to to create a simple application which is also fun for both children and parents. The apps methods are based on the proven montessori learning method, children develop spelling, writing and reading skills through fascinating games.

Alphabet First Writer Tracing is an easy and fast way for children of all abilities to learn english alphabet, it’s super fun and so easy to use that children of all ages will think letter tracing is a game, prolonging their practice time. The app is beautifully designed, and each letter is presented in full-screen with dotted lines shown to guide players through writing the letter.

After each letter is finished they are combined on a blackboard with the full alphabet. Players can also choose between uppercase and lowercase letters — Completing each letter unlocks the confetti celebration with exploding letters and music.

Ket features of the app include:

> Uppercase and lowercase
Players must follow the trail of the letters, it is simple and intuitive.

> Exercise
Exercise mode allows children to learn to write by hand by replicating a series of letters.

> Matching uppercase and lowercase letters
The top shows letters in uppercase. The bottom shows letters in lowercase. Players must draw a line between the two letters matching uppercase and lowercase to get to the next level.

Benefits for children:

• Fun gameplay
• Trace letters with chalk to improve writing skills
• Gorgeous graphics and cute sounds
• kids love hearing everything in mommy’s or daddy’s voice
• The app is extremely easy-to-use for kids of all ages and abilities.

Alphabet First Writer Tracing is available now in the App Store at:

The app is complete with all the letters of 4 games and totally free of charge.

For more information or media inquiries, contact at For more information visit

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New iPad App “Alphabet First Writer Tracing” from Macaw Moon improves childrens alphabet writing.

Alphabet First Writer Tracing

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