Busy IT managers, directors, administrators, and all other tech professionals who want to save time, save money, stay informed and get organized, can now head to the App Store and download IT Managers App: the must-have new toolkit by I Work Smart Ltd.

Available at no-cost, IT Managers App features a suite of essential tools and portals that have been specifically designed to address the everyday workflow needs, goals and challenges of IT professionals, regardless of whether they work in small startups or large enterprises. The app includes:

> A Price Comparison portal to quickly and easily request and then compare up to three price quotes for various IT services, including cloud, DR, networks leased lines, and more.

> A Tech/Contracts Reminder to scan documents – such as contracts, meeting minutes, business cards, and more – as well as add notes and create future-dated reminders.

> A Password Management tool to set one master password, and securely store all other credentials along with a description (e.g. servers, VMs, etc.).

> DNS tools, such as DNS lookup, ping, Whois, trace route, etc.

> A Tech News portal to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and developments on everything from mobile to cybersecurity to VoIP and more.

> An Events Calendar to stay organized and aware of various upcoming events, such as conferences, training, expos, etc.

> A searchable Tech Knowledge portal to access help and hints from other IT professionals who have successfully addressed a similar problem or scenario.

> A Recruitment tool to see how much the marketplace is paying for various IT roles and skills – which is particularly useful during salary negotiations, performance reviews, or when seeking a raise. IT professionals can also confidently apply for opportunities directly from the app if they’re looking to start with a new team.

In addition, since IT Managers App was designed by IT professionals for IT professionals it’s not surprising that the layout is streamlined, clean and uncluttered, and all buttons and features align with UX best practices.

“IT professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and make better and faster decisions,” commented Adrian Jones of I Work Smart Ltd. “And now with IT Manager App, they finally have the all-in-one toolkit they need and deserve”.

IT Manager App is available now at no-cost from the App Store at

Additional app information, including screenshots and a video demo, is available at
For more information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of I Work Smart Ltd. at +1 408 757 0156 or press(at)appshout(dot)com.

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New No-Cost “IT Managers App” by I Work Smart Ltd. is a Must-Have Toolkit that Helps IT Pros Save Time, Save Money, Stay Informed & Get Organized

IT Managers App

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