Ninox is a database-powered business app maker that enables anyone to rapidly create robust, fully-functional databases for business or personal applications. The app delivers dozens of advanced, yet easy-to-use features, and is available for iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Ninox Software GmbH announced today that it has launched a new and improved version of it’s globally acclaimed business app maker “Ninox Database” for Mac and iOS.
Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, Ninox is a true relational database that empowers anyone – including those with no programming skills – to rapidly create robust, fully-functional databases for business or personal applications, including (but not limited to) CRM, invoicing, order management, project planning, to do lists, time management, inventory management, gaming statistics, and the list goes on.

While the app comes with a large set of useful templates, users have the freedom to customize database layouts and form designs per their unique needs with easy drag-and-drop tools.
Ninox` features that have earned the app rave reviews – including many from professional database developers:

• Create tables, which can be rapidly searched, filtered, sorted and grouped
• Access a wide variety of rich field types, including text, numbers, yes/no, dropdown menus, images, URLs, dates, emails, file attachments, appointments, etc.
• Link tables and create complex data models
• Create formulas and calculations from single entries, entire tables, and even linked tables
• Export data to Excel or CSV
• Import Data from CSV files
• Import contacts from address book
• Design print layouts, print to PDF and AirPrint
• Built-in calendar to browse date related entries
• Seamless data-sync with iCloud
• Maps and location fields

The latest version 1.6 does not only come with a refreshed UI design, it also makes a lot under-the-hood optimizations. Further, it adds features for more advanced use-cases. Users can now:

• Choose from seven different chart types, including bar, pie, radar and bubble charts.
• Implement action buttons to make use of advanced scripting features like loops, select queries, creating new records, updating multiple records at once
• Create custom templates
• Merge databases: Import tables, views and layouts
• Access the extended template library

“Whether used by entrepreneurs in their dynamic startup or CEOs in their established enterprise, business apps are supposed to drive efficiency, performance, data hygiene and results,” commented Frank Boehmer of Ninox Software GmbH. “However, far too often, the opposite is the case: apps are inflexible, bloated, difficult-to-use, and create chaos rather than clarity. But that is where Ninox is a true game-changer. It empowers anyone to create true relational databases in a matter of minutes, and achieve unprecedented results.”

The new and improved version of Ninox Database is available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store: and

A version for Mac is available from the Mac App Store:

Additional app information, including screenshots, is available at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Alexander Koenig or Frank Boehmer on behalf of Ninox Software GmbH at Frank: +49 177 6726377 or Alex: +49 163 4390695 or [email protected]

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Ninox Software Releases New Version of Globally Acclaimed Business App “Ninox Database”


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