Reverso, the online & mobile translation and dictionary company just released Reverso Context 3.0 mobile app. The app provides its users with contextual translations of words, idioms, common phrases and even slang, with natural language examples.

Reverso Context 3.0 allows users to seamlessly improve their foreign language skills, learning new words and expressions, while using another language in their day-to-day lives. Now available for iOS & Android devices, users can benefit from extensive translation of millions of words and phrases on-the-go in more than 10 different languages.

Reverso Context provides several contextual translation features:

> Users can access translation of words and expressions in context by selecting them in any text they’re currently reading (users can also type or say specific words and phrases).

> Search history is saved together with the corresponding translations which can be reviewed at anytime for better learning.

> A wealth of examples including spoken dialog and reference documents illustrate each search.

> Translated words and phrases can be listened to audibly, for improved pronunciation — and subsequently saved in a custom phrasebook.

Reverso Context is made for all users who are looking for an easy-to-use tool that comes with non-compromising quality translation of words / expressions when looking to master a foreign language. It is relevant for students of all ages, language teachers, and all those who experience a foreign (or secondary) language in their day to day life. 

After a very successful debut in Europe, with more than one million users in a very short time, a 4.4 stars store rating and thousands of new downloads each day, Reverso Context comes with a new version completely revisited and enhanced. Also, Reverso Context is now focusing on new markets like the US, Central and Latin America where the perfect mastery of English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese is a real need for many.

“We designed a new generation language tool that fits the needs of both beginners and experts. This is thanks to the huge database of real-life texts covering all domains (spoken, technical, slang, business) and a very friendly user interface that provides you just the information you need. This combination of big data, crowdsourcing and mobile experience changes the way you search for translations, and lets you learn new words and expressions with ease and fun.” says Theo Hoffenberg, Reverso Founder and CEO.

Reverso Context, the app that lets users translate millions of words, expressions and idioms in more than 10 languages (50 language combinations), is available now for iPhone & iPad at:

A dedicated Android version is also available from Google Play at:

A web version (and more information) is also available at:

The apps are free, with a premium package that offers extended offline features and no advertising for $4.99 a year.

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Reverso Context 3.0 For iOS & Android Offers Contextual Translation For Language Skills Improvement

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About Reverso

Based in Montréal, Canada and Paris, France, Reverso is the leading independent internet portal for language tools: it provides online translation, dictionary, grammar checking, conjugation and more to 20 million monthly users.

Reverso Context is a new concept of “real-life dictionary” developed by Reverso, based on billions of texts already translated by humans (big data, crowdsourced), combined with advanced algorithms to align and compute the best translations, and a friendly user interface.

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