For what could be a first in the history of app gaming, up to 9 gamers can experience co-operative, simultaneous gameplay (8 controllers + 1 finger swipe) by downloading the unique, fun and massively addictive new first person shooter (FPS) game Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter by KLNK Inc.

Available at no-cost, Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter is as wild and creative as its title suggests. Gamers represent the earth’s last, best hope to rid the planet of an occupation by hyper-intelligent, thoroughly hostile cats. And that’s just the beginning.

In a cruel and twisted response to all of the people who litter social media with pics of their kitties with orange peels and other unsavory items on their head, the invading cats in Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter have donned food helmets (bread, watermelons, and so on) – plus, they’re armed to the teeth.

However, as mentioned, all is not lost, because gamers can fight back with their own arsenal – including WMDs — and reclaim the planet from the feline horde. They can either play solo via Finger Blade mode, or a group of up to 9 brave heroes and heroines can band together and engage via their compatible iOS device in a fantastic Multi-Player mode, which is made possible by patent-pending technology. What’s more, gamers can gain an edge by triggering the exclusive “Slo-Mo” power right from their Apple Watch.

Other Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter special features include:

> First person shooter (FPS) orientation
> Outstanding graphics with rich, vivid colors
> Excellent music and sound
> “Special guest” enemies – including plenty of sharks
> Direct Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (coming soon)
> Apple TV/tvOS compatible (coming soon)

“Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter is a truly unique solo and multi-player experience that will have gamers asking themselves why everything they play isn’t as engaging and fun,” commented Kevin Liao of KLNK Inc. “It’s perfect for playing between breaks, in dorm rooms, house parties, company retreats, and even otherwise boring Monday morning boardroom meetings. Instead of people falling asleep, they’ll be fighting to save humanity from the universe’s most dangerous and destructive cats!”

Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter, the unique game that uses patent-pending technology to enable up to 9 player simultaneously co-operative gameplay, is available now from the App Store at 

Additional app information, including a trailer video, is available at

For all other details or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of KLNK Inc. at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Unique New FPS Game “Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter” by KLNK Inc. Uses Patent-Pending Tech for 9 Player Simultaneous Co-Op Gameplay

Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter

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