Fans around the world of Mobigrow’s highly addictive “Can You Escape” puzzle app franchise – which now includes over 20 titles – can now get ready to spend an excessive amount of time this holiday season gleefully tying their brain in knots as they dive into a new special release called Can You Escape – Holidays.

Available at no-cost, Can You Escape – Holidays features 20 unique holiday-themed rooms loaded with brain teasers, secrets, clues, hidden objects, and of course: scrupulously designed puzzles. Gamers will need to think logically and laterally in order to break codes, and achieve the ultimate goal of escaping the labyrinth.

As with all of Mobigrow’s other apps in the Can You Escape franchise — including Can You Escape 4, Escape from Work, and several more — the quality of graphics in Can You Escape – Holidays is nothing short of spectacular. The level of detail is worthy of a Master Class in digital illustration, from the falling moonlit snowflakes that can be seen outside the window, to the winding ribbon around the Christmas tree, and the list of impressive examples goes on. In fact, gamers who don’t even consider themselves puzzle-solving addicts (at least not yet!) are encouraged to download the app simply to appreciate the esthetics.

Other Can You Escape – Holidays special features that will keep gamers glued to their device long after the calendar flips to 2016 include:

> Excellent sound effects that add just the right amount of drama.
> The ability to collect items along the way, and tactically use them to solve puzzles and move forward.
> Various custom settings, including volume control, pause button, and gamepad option.

“Can You Escape – Holidays has been in development for several months, because we wanted to make sure it was flawless and up to the high standards that our fans around the world expect from us,” commented a spokesperson from Mobigrow. “We wanted the app to be the perfect diversion from the sometimes hectic holiday experience”.

Can You Escape – Holidays, the highly addictive puzzle app with a seasonal twist, is available now for iPhone and iPad from the App Store at, and for Android devices from Google Play at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Mobigrow at +1 408 757 0156 or press(at)appshout(dot)com.


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Mobigrow’s New No-Cost “Can You Escape – Holidays” Puts Seasonal Twist on Globally Popular Puzzle App Franchise

Can You Escape - Holidays

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