Facebook users who’ve have always wanted to know who’s secretly checking out their profile and photos can finally stop guessing – and start knowing – thanks to the new must-have app: Who Viewed My Profile. The app is available for Android and can be downloaded at no cost.

Created by Smart Husky Developers, Who Viewed My Profile is easy to use and remarkably informative. Users simply log in through Facebook, and sit back as the app’s proprietary smart algorithm analyzes their profile to see who’s been paying a virtual visit – such as friends, family, colleagues and of course: old flames and secret admirers.

Once the app is done crunching the data – and it takes mere seconds – users are presented with a top 150 list, which is as informative as it is fascinating. Indeed, part of the app’s intrigue is that users who are certain that they know who’s covertly checking them out, are very likely going to be surprised or stunned when they get the facts.

Plus, users can include/exclude people who appear on their list. They can also be assured that their list is private and confidential, and that nothing will be posted on their Facebook profile.

Other Who Viewed My Profile notable features include:

> A remarkably well-designed interface that displays names and photos of those in the top 150.
> Fast-loading screens that make it easy to swipe back/forth through the top 150.
> A handy “tap to reload” button to refresh and update the top 150.

“We all love Facebook and spend hours a day posting updates, connecting with our network, following our favorites, and more,” commented Bilal Raad of Smart Husky Developers. “But there’s always been something missing from the experience: the ability to discover who’s secretly viewing our profile. Well, our new app finally solves this mystery – and users will be anywhere from amused to amazed at what they learn!”

Who Viewed My Profile is available now for iOS devices at no-cost from the App Store at:

A dedicated Android version is also available via Google Play at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Smart Husky Developers at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Must-Have New App “Who Viewed My Profile” by Smart Husky Developers Lets Users Discover Who’s Secretly Checking Out Their Facebook Profile & Photos

Who Viewed My Profile

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