While endless runner games have been around for a few years, once in a very long time a new app arrives on the scene that is so cute, original and addictive, that it’s virtually impossible to put down. And the latest example of this rare and special breed of endless runner games is Puppies Out by Zatun.

Available for both iOS and Android at no cost, Puppies out involves – as one might expect — a pack of legendary puppies who live in a happy fantasy world where running (and running and running) is the only way to survive. To that end, the puppies must avoid tough obstacles (like cars), collect cool power-ups (like life-saving silver bones), and explore an array of fantasy worlds as they race across a 3D landscape comprised of residential areas, gardens, bridges, construction areas and parks.

Speaking of the 3D landscape: Puppies Out features outstanding, high quality graphics and extremely smooth animation, which is not something that all 3D endless runner games can claim. What’s more, the vivid color scheme compliments the game perfectly, and adds a cute, playful look and feel.

Gamers who are particularly adept at keeping their puppy out of harm’s way are rewarded with extra lives, and they can compete against friends via the Leaderboard. Early mission levels are fairly easy, but become increasingly challenging and more difficult as the game progresses.

There are 21 cute puppies in total to choose from – with names like Buddy Lab, Rocky, Sir Beagle, Posh Pup, Super Hero, Bandit, Valentine and more. Users can also personalize and customize their favorite puppy, or switch puppies and experience a new game.

“With Puppies Out, every level is an adventure and every mission is a discovery!” commented Abhinav Chokhavatia of Zatun. “It’s a fun, exciting experience for kids and adults – the puppies are ready and waiting, all that users have to do is bring them to life and never stop running!”

Puppies Out, the cute, original and addictive new 3D endless runner game from Zatun, is available now from the App Store at, and from Google Play at

Additional information, including screenshots and a video trailer, is available at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Zatun at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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New 3D Endless Runner Game “Puppies Out” by Zatun is Cute, Original & Addictive

Puppies Out

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