People who want a fun and exciting way to recommend great places to their friends – as well as discover new experiences and start new adventures — can now head to the App Store, and download the unique new no-cost app Smap.

Developed by Grain Inc., Smap works in four complimentary ways to introduce an innovative social aspect into the age-old process of recommending and finding places of interest.

The first way is through lists of recommended destinations, which users can easily populate with their favorite restaurants, stores, clubs, bars, museums, coffee shops – the possibilities are endless. Once each list is complete, users simply add a title (e.g. “best bars in Las Vegas” or “must-see places in Seattle”) and share it with their friends. Creating lists takes a matter of seconds, and users can edit lists at anytime.

The second way is through documenting and sharing experiences. For example, users can take photos of a place or an item (e.g. an exotic meal, a stunning art exhibit, etc.), and add a text description that could be anything from a quick comment, to a full and detailed review. It’s a great way to help others make the best use of their time. Users can also “like” an experience and leave comments.

The third way is through collaborative lists, which involve groups of users jointly creating a list of places to see and things to do. It’s a fun and simple way to plan anything from an evening out to an extended vacation, and perhaps best of all, it eliminates the need to send dozens of emails and hundreds of texts. Everything is neatly and conveniently captured in one place that everyone can access whenever they want, wherever they are.

The fourth way is by following fellow Smap users with similar tastes, in order to discover where they love to go and what they love to do. It’s essentially an on-demand curated list of destinations that are virtually guaranteed to be fun, enjoyable and memorable. Users can also leave comments to share their experiences (e.g. “I’ve never had a better burger my life” or “the music here is out of this world!” and so on).

Despite being a new entrant on the app scene, Smap is already earning rave reviews from fans worldwide. Some early feedback includes:

> “It’s an essential app for anyone looking to discover and share the best places around any city”.
> “I love trying new places and letting my friends know the best places to go. And I always want to know where my friends are checking out. Now there’s an app that lets me”.
> “What’s not to love about this app? No matter what you’re interested in, Smap can help you find places that you’re sure to love!”

Smap is available now at no-cost from the App Store by visiting

For additional app details, including screenshots and a video trailer, visit

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Grain Inc. at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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No-Cost App “Smap” from Grain Inc. Lets People Recommend their Favorite Places & Discover New Experiences in a Whole New Way


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