Puzzle game lovers looking for a fun new challenge that will put a smile on their face — and keep them up late into the night playing level after level — can now head to Google Play, and download the new no-cost app Circool from developer Juraj Orszag.

Crafted with a unique layout and design that is both colorfully eye-catching and soothingly minimalist, Circool is easy to understand – but difficult to master. The gameplay works like this:

Users are presented with a board that features a winding trail of several small circles. While the circles are all the same size, they vary in color: yellow, green, blue, purple and red.

Furthermore, these colored circles are distributed randomly. For example, a pattern of any five consecutive circles might be “yellow, red, blue, purple, green”, or “red, blue, purple, green, yellow” – or any other variation.

Users must select a circle from anywhere on the board, and move it between any two other circles in order to create a pattern that goes: yellow, green, blue, purple, red. When users accomplish this, the five circles in the pattern are destroyed, and as a result the number of circles left to clear on the board is reduced. This continues until all circles are gone.

However, while may seem rather easy, there’s an interesting twist: users have a limited number of moves in order to create the required 5-color pattern. As such, users have to think ahead and use their moves very wisely. Otherwise, they’ll fail to create the required pattern – and their game will be over.

In addition, users don’t have to worry about getting bored after a few hours or days of playing, because Circool features an unlimited number of levels. There’s also a remarkable “Infinite Level” that, as the name suggests, goes on and on.

Other Circool special features include:

> Delightful animation sequences
> Leaderboard integration to compete against others
> Customization options, including themes and backgrounds

“The games that people love aren’t the most complicated, but the most creative,” commented Juraj Orszag. “Circool is brilliantly and beautifully creative, and the simple gameplay and clean minimalist design are a big part of the unique experience”.

Circool, the fun and addictive new puzzle app that features unlimited levels, customization and more, is available now from Google Play at

A trailer video is available at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Juraj Orszag at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Fun & Addictive New No-Cost Puzzle App “Circool” by Juraj Orszag Features Unlimited Levels, Customization & More


Press Contact:

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About Juraj Orszag

Located in Sweden, Juraj is an indie game developer with a number of published casual and puzzle games for Android devices.

With a philosophy to develop games with a modern and elegant design that are simple-to-play yet challenging to master — Juraj intends to expand his portfolio with new titles for Android, iOS and HTML 5.