After the success of Vocabubble, Marbotic, the french start-up, launches Alphamonster, a new educational app to learn all about letters: with the help of the fantastic monstromachine!

Have you seen the alphabet? The Monstromachine is eating it up! With this app, children will discover the alphabet and how each letter works, with recognition and association games to learn how to master these prerequisites to learning how to read.

With Alphamonster, children from 3 to 6 years will:
– discover the names and sounds of letters
– learn to recognize capital letters and script and cursive letters
– match letters with words

3 activities are available in the app, a sandbox mode allows kids to feed the Monstromachine with letters, a challenge mode with 5 sorts of association (ex: sound/upper-case) and a picture book, where kids can see the beautiful and quirky illustrations.

The app is already available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish, and German ! And two more languages are coming: Dutch and American English.

Alphamonster, can be downloaded for iPad on the App Store at:

Here is a video to discover it: Marbotic also created a wooden smart toy that interacts with the app, you can discover it on Kickstarter: Promo Codes are available to journalists on request (for iOS only).

For further information or media inquires, contact us at [email protected]

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Alphamonster: Children discover the letters with this fantastic educational app by Marbotic!


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About Marbotic

Marbotic - based in Bordeaux, France - is the result of a double passion for pedagogy and technology. The company creates and develops educational apps for children inspired by Montessori pedagogy. It focuses on guiding children towards autonomy. This education claims that the child’s natural curiosity is strong enough to guide him or her to develop knowledge and sensitivity. Moreover, the company believes that mixing digital interfaces and traditional toys leads to powerful learning experiences. Marbotic created the first wooden smart toy, 10 digits, that interact with tablets.

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