Chilled and relaxed people who are fed up with over-complicated apps that make their lives more stressful instead of simpler, can now download the latest update of Chillaxing 2.6: the supremely easy no-cost photo sharing app from Groupnex Corp. that now features innovative location notification.

As the name suggests, Chillaxing is a remarkably easy-to-use, ad-free app that lets anyone customize their photos by simply choosing one of several pre-built themes, and applying various optional tools (e.g. crop, move, scale, rotate, change to black & white). The process takes a matter of seconds, and absolutely no graphic design or photo editing experience or knowledge is necessary.

Once they’ve played around with their photo and made it even more fun and unique, users can instantly share it with their friends, fans and followers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or text message. They can also tag their photos to make them more searchable, or combine several photos as part of an online album or collection (e.g. #GraduationDay or #JennsAwesomeParty, etc.). There’s no limit to the total number of photos that can be uploaded and shared, and users have the option of alerting friends of their present location (or to use the app’s vocabulary: to where they’re currently chillaxing).

And on the other side of things, users can check out cool and interesting photos submitted by other members of the global Chillaxing community by browsing via profiles, photos and tags. They can also comment, tag and “like” photos (this triggers an automatic push notification to the photo’s owners), enlarge photos for easier viewing, or save photos to their device with a single touch.

And now in version 2.6., the app takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS feature to tell users when someone is “chillaxing” nearby. It’s an ideal way to meet new like-minded people to hang out with. However, for privacy, this feature can be turned off, and users can also block others if they feel so inclined. There is also no fear of attracting cyber stalkers, since it is not possible to track users.

“Chillaxing is a location notification and photo sharing app that offers a convenient way to meet up with friends and share your life’s Chillaxing moments.” commented Guy Saladino of Groupnex Corp.

Chillaxing 2.6, the supremely easy photo sharing app that now features location notification for users to connect with like-minded chillaxers, is available at no-cost from the App Store at

An Android version is currently in development, and scheduled to be released towards the end of 2015.

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For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Groupnex Corp. at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Latest Version of Groupnex Corp.’s Supremely Easy No-Cost Photo Sharing App “Chillaxing” Now Features Location Notification


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Groupnex Corp, established 2008, initially offered comprehensive digital marketing services. Today the company is primarily focused on growing the Chillaxing app. Groupnex is a small family owned business based out of Long Island, NY.

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