Thirty-seven years before the iPhone arrived, in 1978 a hand-held game called Simon was introduced, and within weeks of its release millions of people around the world – from young children to senior citizens — had fallen in love with the simple, hugely addictive gameplay: mimic a random pattern displayed by colored buttons. Well, fast-forward nearly four decades, and MFX Studios has recaptured that spirit of addictive fun and modernized it for the mobile world with the new, no-cost release Mimic: The Game. 

Designed for Apple Watch and iPhone., Mimic: the Game is poised to join Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and other glorious time-wasters that are super easy to play and impossibly hard to put down. Here’s how it’s played:

Users are presented with four colored buttons: yellow, green, purple, and reddish-orange. Next, the app plays a pattern that begins, simply enough, with one button. When users successfully mimic the pattern, another button is added. This cycle continues as long as users don’t make any mistakes along the way. However, if they do, the game is over and they must restart.

Furthermore, there are four interesting aspects that make Mimic: the Game even more enjoyable:

1. Every few rounds, the app rotates the position of the buttons (i.e. the yellow button will move from the top-left to the bottom-right, etc.).
2. Later rounds have time limits, so users don’t have the luxury of replaying long sequences in their heads – they need to swiftly decide or else!
3. Users earn points along the way, which they can exchange for an extra life, or use to stop rotations between rounds.
4. Users can compete with friends and other players worldwide via the Leaderboard.

In addition to being fun – which is no small accomplishment given the abundance of boring games in the App Store – users will find that Mimic: the Game can boost concentration, coordination and memory; all of which can help them in other aspects of their life.

“Our goal with Mimic: The Game was to put a cool new spin on a classic favorite,” commented a spokesperson from MFX Studios. “It really is a simple and fun game that challenges memory skills – but watch out: users should be ready for twists and turns at any moment!”

Mimic: The Game is available for Apple Watch and iPhone. from the App Store at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Raymond Kelly, MFX Studios at +1 281 935 9133 or mimic(at)mfxstudios(dot)com

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New No-Cost App “Mimic: The Game” for Apple Watch and iPhone is a Fun, Addictive Spin-off of a Classic Favorite

Mimic: The Game

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