iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who are worried about hackers, thieves and others snooping on their private peer-to-peer conversations, can now put their worries to rest by downloading the innovative new no-cost app Crypto-Chat — which has already been described in 5-star App Store reviews as “perfect for anyone needing to hide messages from prying eyes”. 

Created by ITAMCO with proprietary advanced adaptive encryption technology, Crypto-Chat goes much further than other privacy apps by encrypting and decrypting messages entirely on each user’s personal device — and not on a remote server. As a result, even if a user’s messages are maliciously intercepted by hackers or any other unauthorized third part, they cannot be compromised. Only the intended recipient will have the password to decrypt the message.

At the same time, all of this robust security takes nothing away from Crypto-Chat’s ease and fun. Users simply type their message, tap “encrypt”, and send it to a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone else they wish. Recipients with the correct password will be able to instantly decrypt and read the message. And it all happens through a very cool graphic interface that one reviewer called “a sort of matrix design that almost makes you feel like a spy”.

Plus, for an extra layer of security, Crypto-Chat has been designed to automatically delete a decrypted message when users stop the app from running in the background. If they want to retain it for any reason, they have the option of taking a screenshot.

“With Crypto-Chat, users can actually see their message encrypt, which means they can communicate in confidence,” commented a spokesperson from ITAMCO. “It’s ideal for sending and receiving messages with everyone in one’s network, from friends and family members, to colleagues and partners. Quite simply, Crypto-Chat is the smartest and best way to enjoy fun, fast encrypted conversation – anytime and anywhere!”

Crypto-Chat, the new no-cost privacy app that quickly and securely encrypts conversations, is available now from the App Store.

Crypto-Chat Quickly & Securely Encrypts Peer-to-Peer Conversations

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