Tecworks announcesthe first game created in conjunction with the renowned Italian comic designersSketch & Breakfast, authors of the comic characters Felinia and Ribosio,two controversial personalities, struggling with everyday life problems.

Simona Zulian and Andrea Ribaudo, two famous comic designers, published theirfirst game, inspired to their comics characters Felinia and Ribosio. With over200.000 fans in Italy, loving Felina that young crazy girl; short, fat, withlot of cats around whilst bad acting and crazy with a disrespectful and weirdpersonality. the game features a fully animated Felinia, where the genius ofthe two artist portrays Felina and Ribosio cooking the ‘perfectpizza’, a pizza so perfect that it becomes alive and kidnaps Ribosiowith the plan of cooking and eating him to avenge all world’s pizzas. Feliniawill encounter five incredible food-based worlds full of magic, fantasy,realistic physics, and including a wide range of puzzling strategy in pureaction arcade style.

Each of the five incredible worlds features a rich detailed graphicalenvironment, an arcade gameplay engine, mind breaking puzzles, course tracking,strategy levels, great theme music, amazing battles, spectacular food designand rich detailed cartoon graphics. Felinia must pass all the crazy traps andtricks and collect coins to unlock the final kitchen level to rescue herfriend.

The main game features:

• Interactive touch controls to run, jump, cat shoot, super jump, turbo runsuper speed and use super vision with the magic eye view gadget.
• 5 Levels each with unique game design and original food theme graphics: FoodLand forest, Sea Food water river, Dark Roast creek, Sweet Fantasy farm and theHell Kitchen for the final battle.
• 25 Scenes of progressing difficulty for each level with great dynamicgameplay challenge and realistic gravity physics.
• Use springs to jump across rivers, holes, pools, poles, puddles, caramel,houses, cracks, boats, trees, barrels, rocks, ice cream, sweets, salad, spoons,soups, candies, cliffs and automatic springs to jump across scenes.
• Extremely funny battles with cats against living food.
• Use chocolate to boost performance to fight sausages, parmesan and pizzaenemies.
• Funny dance sequences upon completion of each world with Felinia dancing withcats.
• Collect coins to access the kitchen, fight the queen and rescue Ribosio.
• Use the magic well to collect infinite coins.

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Tecworks And Comic Designers Sketch and Breakfast Launch Felinia's World

Felinia's World