Ventura Science’s firstforay into casual game making is a smooth reinterpretation on the endlessrunner, obstacle avoidance formula.

For users tired of flapping birds and dodging ruins, Cave Diver is lurking inthe depths, to bring gamers down a peg or two and teach the timeless values ofpatience, humility, and not banging ones head against expensive mobile devices.

With smooth graphics that are only retro in that they use pixels, highdefinition
effects and a direct, appealing presentation, Cave Diver focuses on what’simportant in life: dodging obstacles, even when they move to crush the in-gamediver, collecting gems, and climbing to the top of the global rankings to earnbragging rights for life.

Cave Diver is free to play with interstitial ads – there is also a premiumversion without ads – and features no tutorials, no hats, no story, nounlockables, no in-game currency or statistics. The skill is all the players,and unless users improve their reactions, nothing else will save them fromcertain doom.

Available immediately in all browsers on Facebook, on Android and as auniversal app on iOS, Cave Diver is just what everyone needs as a reminder ofjust how bad their reflexes really are.






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Cave Diver: hard-as-nails endless arcade fun, available now for iOS and Android

Cave Diver