People of all ageswho are concerned about hearing problems, have been diagnosed with hearingloss, or are profoundly deaf, can now download the innovative new no-cost appHidden Hearing Tinnitus Check and get essential information on the types andcauses of hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Developed by HiddenHearing, one of Ireland’s premier professional providers of hearing healthcarein the private sector with a national network of over 65 branches and clinics,the Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check App offers a wealth of special features,including:

> Information on different types of hearing loss and infections – nervedeafness and medical referral (noise induced hearing loss, Otisis Media,Menieres Disease)
> How to read an Audiogram.
> Information on tinnitus, including definitions, causes, and symptoms andtinnitus management options.
> Information on Hidden Hearing’s ear wax removal service, which isavailable at no cost to people over 60 (nominal fee for those under 60).
> Soothing Sounds for Tinnitus, which reduces the perceived loudness oftinnitus and helps make symptoms less annoying and more tolerable.
> Simple and effective ear health tips to help prevent or mitigate furtherhearing loss.
> A handy clinic finder to locate the closest Hidden Hearing branch orclinic.
> A fun “Ask Ernie” tool that lets people ask any hearing-related question,and have it answered by an expert.
> Information for General Practitioners, including product overviews, news& events, referral scheme details and more.

“With more than 25 years of experience, we know that hearing loss can be a bigproblem and a source of confusion, frustration and fear for people of all ages– from children to seniors, and everyone in between,” commented Dolores Maddenof Hidden Hearing.

“Fortunately, plenty of reliable and easy-to-understand information isavailable, and many treatment options are possible. Our new app is the perfectplace to start. Plus, the innovative soothing sounds for tinnitus featureprovides tinnitus sufferers with much needed symptom relief that can reallymake a positive difference in a matter of minutes.”

Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check, the new no-cost app from the experts at HiddenHearing, is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the App Storeat:

and for Android-enabled smartphones from Google Play at:

For additional information, including media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson onbehalf of Hidden Hearing at +1 408 757 0156 or press(at)appshout(dot)com.

About Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s premier professional provider of hearing healthcarein the private sector with a national network of over sixty five branches andclinics. Over the past 25 years across Ireland, Hidden Hearing has worked hardto develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare servicesand lifelong support for patients. The organisation combines the latesttechnology with the highest standards in professional training. Therefore everyHidden Hearing audiologist is accredited to leading international standards andis a member of the Irish Hearing Society (IHS) or Irish Society of Hearing AidAudiologists (ISHAA).

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Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check Provides Essential Information & Causes

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