Each day, millions ofpeople go through life walking right past interesting girls and guys who couldturn out to be a cool friend, a close companion, or perhaps their one true soulmate. However, reaching out and breaking the ice can feel awkward or seemaggressive, and so these potentially meaningful relationships fail to launch. Butthat was before the remarkable new no-cost app Propeller arrived on the scene,and revolutionized online dating by helping people easily discover and connectwith the people they meet in real life.

Created by Propeller, Inc. and currently available for Android-enabledsmartphones, Propeller lets users safely and simply discover and connect withthe interesting people they come across in real life. Here’s how it works:

> Users log into Propeller and open the locator, which constantly scans forother app users within about a 150 foot radius in all directions. All of thishappens conveniently in the background.
> When the app detects other users nearby, it adds them along with theirprofile photo to the locator, and to the activity log (which is ideal forseeing potential connections from earlier in the day).
> Users can then add the interesting people they come across or came acrossas “favorites”, or send them a message and potentially spark a newrelationship.

Plus, since Propeller is not linked to any social networks, it only posts auser’s profile photo and doesn’t disclose their name and age (unless userschoose to share this information). Users can also add anyone to the app’signore list to block messages.

Also of note: Propeller has been ingeniously designed to work without a GPS ora cellular network — which means that users save battery power, and they canuse the app anytime and anywhere regardless of whether a wifi connection isavailable, such as when they’re in elevators, riding in underground trains, andso on.

“Every day we meet hundreds of people in real life, and some of them are thosewith whom we’d like to establish a special connection,” commented MishaSokolnikov of Propeller. “However, many people often let the opportunity slipaway because they’re shy, or because they don’t know how to break the ice in aneasy, safe and simple way. And that’s where Propeller comes in! It helpsstrangers connect in a completely new way, and turn what otherwise would havebeen a missed encounter into a great, potentially life-changing event. Andunlike other online dating apps, people don’t have to constantly search forvirtual matches. Instead, they simply carry on with their daily routine, andthe app works in the background to help them meet the interesting people theycome across in real life.”

Added Mr. Sokolnikov: “Plus, the Propeller user base is growing larger andlarger each day. So even if users don’t immediately meet someone new andinteresting, the more they use the app, the greater the chance that they’lldiscover someone special – or be discovered by someone special!”

Propeller, the remarkable new no-cost app that has revolutionized onlinedating, is available now from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.cactussoft.Flow&hl=en.

Additional app information is available at http://www.propeller-app.com.

For all other information including media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson onbehalf of Propeller, Inc. at +1 408 757 0156 or [email protected].

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New No-Cost App “Propeller” from Propeller, Inc. Revolutionizes Online Dating by Helping People Easily Discover & Connect with the People they Meet in Real Life