iPhone users who love to share status updates to keep their close friends in the loop — but want their posts to stay personal and impactful–can finally do so by downloading the fresh, simple, and fun free app WHATT from WHATT, Inc.

Whether they’re looking to announce big news, offer an opinion, make a recommendation, ask a question or anything else, WHATT lets users type their unique text update, personalize it with their choice of color, and privately share it with their friends in as little as two taps.

In addition, WHATT’s interactive functionality makes liking and replying to text updates a breeze, and users can quickly find the posts they liked or commented on by accessing their “Favorites”. WHATT users can also track the number of views to see how many friends have read their text updates and have the ability to post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Yet perhaps most refreshing of all is that with WHATT there are no ads or distracting content. It’s simply a beautiful clean app full of your close friend’s important messages, likes, and comments.

“While Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Foursquare and other tools have their place in the social media world, there’s nothing out there that focuses exclusively on text-based updates between close friends,” commented Simon Berger-Perrin, founder of WHATT, INC. “And that’s where WHATT comes in! It eliminates the dreaded ‘signal-to-noise’ ratio that many users experience with other tools, and connects users to their close friends in a private and personal way. It’s exactly what millions of iPhone users have been craving — and now, after months of extensive development, it’s finally here!”

WHATT, the remarkably simple, friendly and fun way for users to share text updates with close friends and keep them in the loop is available now at no-cost in the App Store at

Additional app information is available at

For more information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of WHATT, INC. at +1 408 757 0156 or [email protected].

About WHATT, Inc.

WHATT is a mobile social application for iPhone that allows users to easily share text-based status updates with their friends. WHATT, Inc. is the first company to focus exclusively on text updates by removing all unwanted or distracting content from the important messages that friends want to share together. WHATT, Inc. is based in New York City and was founded in 2013 by Simon Berger-Perrin, who for the 14 years prior to creating WHATT was responsible for driving mobile strategy of major Internet companies.



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New iPhone App “WHATT” from WHATT, Inc. is a Fresh, Simple, and Fun Way to Share Text Updates with Close Friends


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