Worldwide fans of Netroken Inc.’s unique volume control app Persist + Volume Control can now head to Google Play and download the latest version, which now features an improved layout for Android Tablets, additional language support, and the option for users to send a referral code to a friend that unlocks all features.

Acclaimed by AndroidFan as a “must-have app for anyone that has a hectic schedule” and by LifeHacker as “powerful” and featuring “tons of options”, Persist + Volume Control gives Android users a convenient and easy way to tweak existing or create new pre-defined volume profiles — comprised of Alarm, Media, Ringer, Notification, Voice (in-call), Bluetooth and overall system volume — and toggle between them with just a single touch. 

What’s more, Persist + Volume Control detects when a headphone or Bluetooth receiver is connected and automatically toggles to the preferred volume profile. Users can even create automatic scheduled presets based on time of day, physical location, or a calendar event. For example, users who plan on heading into a business meeting can instruct the app to turn their device’s ringer off at precisely that time, in order to avoid unexpected – and potentially embarrassing – bursts of sound. On the other hand, users who are looking forward to an intense workout can instruct the app to pump up the volume when they arrive at their fitness club. The list of possibilities is virtually limitless. 

Other key Persist + Volume Control special features include:
> The option of separating or linking ringer volume and notification volume

> The ability to change ringtones for alarm, ringer and notifications

> Notification shortcuts for quick and easy access to controls and presets

> Integration with Tasker and Locale via the built-in preset plugin

> Support for multiple languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finish, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Slovak, Sweden, Thai Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

There’s also a fantastic suite of fully interactive Home Screen widgets, including: 

> Preset (apply a set of audio settings);

> Preset List (apply any preset)

> Volume Locker (change/lock volume levels)

> Vibrate (toggle vibrate settings for ringer and notification)

> Ringer (toggle the ringer mode between silent, vibrate, and normal)

> Dashboard (various interactive volume controls)

And last but certainly not least, the app features a cool “Pocket Locker”, which automatically prevents accidental volume changes by locking volume settings when the device screen turns off.  

“The problem with typical volume booster apps is that all they do is make things globally louder or quieter – they don’t specifically cater to each user’s unique needs and preferences,” commented Uche Okeke of Netroken Inc. “And that’s what makes Persist + Volume Control such a must-have app. It’s not a volume booster app at all – it’s a totally better, smarter and simpler way for users to truly take control of their device’s audio settings, and make it adjust to their needs – not the other way around.”

Persist + Volume Control, which features a new improved layout for Android tablets and more, is available now on Google Play at

For all other information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Netroken Inc. at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

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Unique Volume Control App “Persist + Volume Control” from Netroken Inc. Now Features Improved Layout for Android Tablets & More

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