Individuals and couples who want to resolve a variety of common sexualproblems can now get the support they need conveniently andconfidentially, thanks to the innovative new app Sexual Problems fromNärhetsakuten AB.

Developed by Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Psychotherapist CharlotteMakboul, Sexual Problems offers authoritative advice, practicalinstructions and mindfulness exercises for nine common issues,including:

1. Lack of sexual desire, reduced sensation and delayed orgasm/ejaculation

2. Premature ejaculation

3. Erectile dysfunction (inability to get or maintain an erection)

4. Anorgasmia (inability to reach orgasm)

5. Sex addiction or hypersexuality

6. Vaginismus (vaginal spasms preventing penetrative sex)

7. Pain during intercourse

8 .The inability to initiate sex and voice needs during sex

9. Difficulty in handling overwhelming emotions within one’s sex life, and life in general

Other key app features include:

> A simple and clear interface that anyone can use

> The ability to easily scroll through text and manage each lesson’s audio controls

> The option of accessing the app’s extensive information anytime and anywhere via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Multi-language support: English, Swedish and Spanish

Plus, users who need more specific help or personalized advice can booka face-to-face Skype session with Charlotte Makboul in either Englishor Swedish.

To ensure that the the Sexual Problems app can be installed and useddiscreetly, it displays on users devices as a subtle heart icon withthe word “Acceptance” underneath.

“The reason I developed this app is quite simple: I couldn’t findanything like it in the market,” commented Charlotte Makboul, whoseclinic is based in Stockholm. “It’s my hope that individuals andcouples around the world will be able to rely on the app to help themovercome some of the most common sexual problems they face, so thatthey enjoy a healthy, fulfilling and vibrant sex life – and life ingeneral.”

Sexual Problems, the innovative new app that helps individuals andcouples confidentially and conveniently resolve common sexual problems,is available now in the App Store at

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New App “Sexual Problems” from Närhetsakuten AB Offers Instruction and Exercises by Sexologist and Psychotherapist Charlotte Makboul on Resolving 9 Common Sexual Problems

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