The over 300,000 fans worldwide who have made Jinpyo Hong’s iCleaner the most popular cleaning tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod, can now enjoy even more special features and enhanced extras thanks to a new update.

iCleaner, which reached #1 ranked utility app in 52 countries, lets users completely wipe out the data in the free space of their device, so that they can prevent unwanted data recovery in the event of sale, theft or loss. It’s ideal for users who want to prepare for a new Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and an essential level of data wiping that surpasses the iOS’ built-in encryption technology, which some experts (like those at Magnet Forensics) believe will soon be vulnerable to rapidly evolving recovery tools.

Plus, iCleaner is the App Store’s original and most complete solution for removing temporary files that are created by different apps. “Many users aren’t even aware that their apps are creating temporary files, and as such they don’t wipe them properly and completely,” commented Jinpyo Hong.

And now per the latest update, iCleaner also features:

• A simple interface to select and clean-up multiple contacts
• Enhanced cleaning speed to wipe away photos, videos, documents, apps and more
• An improved user interface for even easier navigation and usage
• A 92.3% reduction in app size from 22.2MB to 1.7MB
• Additional language support for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Thai and Traditional Chinese

Added Jinpyo Hong: “iPhone, iPad and iPod users need to realize that their data can be recovered even if their device is reset in ‘Settings’. As a result, if people are planning to sell, give or refurbish their device, or they simply want to completely wipe their data and contacts to prevent data theft, the latest version of iCleaner is exactly what they need. It’s a level of total protection and peace of mind that they simply can’t get from other cleaning apps!”

iCleaner, the #1 ranked must-have utility app is available now in the App Store at Additional app information, including screenshots, is available at

About Jinpyo Hong

Located in Seoul, South Korea and incorporated in 2012, Jinpyo Hong has many years of experience in computer security and aims to bring this knowledge to the advantage of end-users via security focussed mobile applications.

#1 Ranked Must-Have Utility App “iCleaner” From Jinpyo Hong Updated With New Contact Cleaner, Enhanced Cache Files Cleaning Speed, Additional Language Support & More