Paris based Tayasui has announced that its acclaimed children’s app Drawing with Carl is now available for Mac, and that it has updated the app’s iPad version with an array of special new features.

The new Mac version of Drawing with Carl brings the legendary ease of use of the acclaimed iPad app, and features an extraordinary user experience that has been tailored specifically for children. It’s unlike anything seen before in a Mac app, and includes big, fun and beautifully-crafted icons, gorgeous graphics, and an interaction model that remarkably resembles what is usually found on an iPad.

“We built the Mac version of Drawing with Carl using the same engine from our Sketches app, which Apple has promoted worldwide,” commented Tayasui’s Yann le Coroller, a renowned Creative Director and Animator whose Talking Carl app was featured at an exhibit last year at New York City’s MoMA.

Also, Drawing with Carl for iPad has been updated with special new features and now allows children to:

• Enhance their drawings with incredibly fun talking stickers that are inspired by Tayasui’s Talking Carl app.

• Choose from a range of ultra-realistic, professionally-designed brushes from the collection found in the Sketches app.

• Share their creative masterpieces online and vote for their favorites in the Drawing Carl Hall of Fame.

The updated iPad version of Tayasui’s acclaimed Drawing with Carl is available from the App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/drawing-with-carl/id480645514. 

The extraordinary new Mac version is available from the Mac App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/drawing-carl/id594097813

Drawing with Carl for Mac is available with a 50% discount for the launch ($4.99 instead of $9.99).

Learn more about Drawing with Carl at: http://tayasui.com/drawingcarl/theApp.php.

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Tayasui’s New “Drawing with Carl” for Mac Brings Legendary Ease of Use and Special Features of the Updated iPad App, and is Unlike Anything Seen Before in a Mac App

Drawing with Carl

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Paris based Tayasui – which is a Japanese word that means “easy and simple” -- brings playful ideas to the mobile world courtesy of talented designer and animator Yann le Coroller. The company believes in emphasizing function over form, and focuses on beauty, grace and simplicity instead of superficial effects and needless extras. With over 10 years experience in the broadcast industry as a Creative Director and Animator, Yann has invented many loveable and highly acclaimed characters and cartoon worlds, including Talking Carl, Drawing with Carl and Smack That Gugl, all of which reached #1 on App Store charts worldwide

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