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Available for download at no cost, Home Fitness is essentially three fitness-focus apps rolled-up into one intuitive and integrated solution: a trainer, a manager, and a motivator. All workouts consist of calisthenics that requires no equipment, and are extremely efficient given that multiple muscles are involved in every movement, including the all-important core muscles


With Crime and Place, users can view a “Crime Compass” to see inner and outer concentric rings that reveal crime hotpots for up to a mile in each direction, access a map overlay to search POIs, addresses, or categories (e.g. “gas station” or “shopping mall”) for crime data, and calibrate the data to fit their safety and security needs.


MCProApp features hundreds of 2D and 3D layer-by-layer views of user generated Minecraft blueprints across multiple categories, along with construction grids and other advanced building tools. The re-booted app also features original Minecraft fan fiction,and is available at no cost.


Super Live Score automatically delivers push notifications in real-time based on events in a user’s selected matches or in matches involving their favourite team. The new no-cost iOS app also features real-time match results, league tables fixtures, a footballer database with career stats, and more.


CoachGuitar has received more than 9000 5-star reviews, and has been featured as a best music app in Apple’s App Store in over 140 countries. The app is available at no cost for for mobiles and tablets (iOS, Android).


Type Nine Keyboard offers built-in support for 34 different languages, which means that users don’t have to switch keyboards when they need to type in a different language or alphabet. The latest version is also 8x faster and features a re-imagined intuitive layout.


While the gig economy has lured everyone from programmers to designers and writers with the promise of flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere, the reality is, most people just aren’t used to managing their time efficiently. Enter Completo, the only task app created by freelancers, for freelancers.


Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, MarginNote Pro is a powerful, yet simple-to-use learning tool for students, educators, researchers, lawyers, business professionals, and other users who want to optimize and streamline the note taking process. The latest update offers several major new features, including Anki integration, iCloud Sync, blur recall mode, and ultra-fast automatic flashcard creating that boosts study speed 300% vs. tools like Quizlet and StudyBlue.


In Truck Simulator USA, users get to select and customize a wide range of trucks, and then hit the open road and haul their cargo across the country. Special features include ultra-realistic controls, lifelike engine sounds, various climate conditions and driving environments, multiple game modes (single, multi-player and career), and more.